Linking biology and big data to conquer brain diseases

The BRAINCURES Discovery Engine (BDE)

The BDE is a biology and biomarker powered approach to de-risk and accelerate drug discovery that offers an at least 10-fold cost saving from target to personalized treatment. The technology is powered by a hierarchical molecular framework comprised of genes that organize themselves into a molecular corporation of targets (workers), hubs (managers) and masters (directors) behind brain function. The decoded biological intelligence allows us to deliver at least 6-fold higher drug discovery success rates and shortens development cycles by at least 4 years without deep learning steps associated with AI (click to see detail here).

How does the BDE work?

The molecular framework of targets, hubs and masters that powers the BDE turns your questions around compounds, diseases, patient – drug matching for clinical trials, and data into de-risked preclinical and clinical translational opportunities.

What are the key applications for the BDE?

  • Drug discovery: Asses your pipeline of compounds or data against our target genes and compounds to unravel biological mechanisms of action relevant to your disease of interest
  • Biomarkers: Identification of biomarkers for personalized patient to treatment matching
  • Repurposing: Identification of novel indications for your compounds
  • Novel treatment identification: Exploit phenotypic and metabolomic assays to discover new treatments and biomarkers with personalised medicine potential

What outcomes can the BDE deliver?

  • Precision medicine pipeline prioritization:  BDE analysis of COMPANY X’s pipeline of 207 compounds showed that only 20 of them have a biology- and biomarker- linkage needed for precision medicine. Thus, Company X is re-evaluating some of their programs
  • Clinical failure prevention: The BDE predicts therapeutic program failure before it turns into a Phase III failure. For example, our retrospective target prioritization would have eliminated 69 % of 72 genes associated with Phase III clinical failures during target selection for preclinical studies. The estimated cost saving is $11 billion
  • Therapeutic indication landscaping:  The BDE highlights a compound’s potential across 21 disease classes by filtering a database of over 25000 opportunities down to 1000 opportunities with precision medicine potential. For example, the BDE Target – Company X Pipeline Compound linkage prioritized 29 of the over 25000 indication expansion opportunities

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