Our Team

Dr. Krzysztof Potempa

Founder and CEO

Biochemist turned translation minded neuroscientist with over 10 years of experience in decoding biology from diverse omics datasets in academic and pharmaceutical settings. He is passionate about linking biology to data to enable better lives for patients and families affected by brain diseases.

Dr. Peter Ball

Business Development and Partnerships Manager

Peter is a senior biopharma executive with an impressive global track record in gathering market intelligence. His specialty lies in gathering key components for successful market launches and product development ranging from market analysis to differentiation strategy. His expertise extends to Pharmaceutical Product Manufacturing, Clinical Diagnostics, Drug Discovery and Rapid Microbiology.

Professor Jacques Mallet

Advisory Board Member
Currently emeritus director of research at CNRS and Brain & Spinal Cord Institute in Paris, and adjunct professor at UCSF, Jacques is a distinguished scientist with landmark contributions to the fields of neurotransmitter molecular biology, psychiatric genetics, epigenetics and gene therapy since the 1980s. He has authored over 40 patents and 400 scientific articles including recent work describing a novel on/off switch for gene therapy.

Dr. Jeanne-Francoise Williamson

Marketing and Communications Manager

Currently director of Williamson Biotech Solutions, Jeanne is facilitator with over 15 years worldwide experience in the biotech and academic sectors. She is a keen supporter of innovation with a demonstrated ability to successfully develop strategies and tools to support SMEs in building their business and customers from the bench side to the clinic through advice on scientific communication, sales strategy and a network of experienced hands-on professionals.

London BioScience Innovation Centre (LBIC)

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