Linking Biology and Big Data to Conquer Brain Diseases

Target-biology based linkages can increase clinical success in pharmaceutical projects by up to four times. To further transform drug discovery, BRAINCURES has built a Discovery Engine that acts as molecular navigator to success. Powered by biological intelligence of a hierarchical SMART Targets & Compounds Framework behind synaptic plasticity, BRAINCURES de-risks and accelerates drug discovery through SMART Outputs for Precision Medicine. For example, the BRAINCURES Discovery Engine guides better, safer and faster drug discovery by leveraging their novel biological framework to link, targets to biological hypotheses, compounds to diseases, diseases to compounds, and patients to treatments (see partnering section). These, biology-based, SMART Discovery -Targets, -Compounds, -Repurposing, -Stratification Biomarkers and novel insights from existing data are key to streamlined advancement of precision medicine.

London BioScience Innovation Centre (LBIC)

2 Royal College Street
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