Transforming Drug Discovery Through SMART Opportunities

BRAINCURES biological intelligence enables precision medicine by extracting the proverbial needles from haystacks of data in at least three ways that include SMART Targets & Compounds, Repurposing and SMART Biomarkers.  Please feel free to contact us for case studies or to discuss different applications of the BRAINCURES Discovery Engine.

Starting from a target, compound, disease or question of interest, BRAINCURES:

  • SMART Targets & Compounds de-risk and accelerate drug discovery (e.g., link targets to hypotheses, link compounds to diseases & companion diagnostics, turn big data into SMART data, empower targeted phenotypic assays)
  • SMART REPURPOSING unlocks hidden value from assets
  • SMART Biomakers match the right patient to the right treatment to increase clinical success based on a novel and proprietary molecular classification of diseases derived from their unique framework for synaptic plasticity. Such approaches are emerging in autoimmune diseases and will drive precision medicine.
  • SMART Clinical Decision Support System for milestones to personalized treatments based on companion diagnostics and retrospective preclinical & clinical data (e.g., precision pharmacology based on our biological intelligence approach to drug discovery)

London BioScience Innovation Centre (LBIC)

2 Royal College Street
London NW1 0NH
United Kingdom